Kids Space Organizing

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Kids` Space Organizing

Today's children often face overload: material overload of toys and stuff and agenda overload of well-meant learning activities. On top of it, children constantly evolve and so do their needs and interests. That's why there is a lot of organizing going on around them. I am here to give a hand and explain my views when parents feel they could use some help.


//Growing Toys


Toys get organized in different ways according to the age of the children, in a way they can see them and store them themselves. The play corner or kid's room asks for regular arrangements and change. Regularly select toys following the developing interests of the little ones.


//Minimal Toys


Little ones explore the world. They cannot possibly learn to cope with this reality if they are never in touch with it during these explorations. Today’s world is typically abundant for many of us (activities, stuff, information…). If we want them to grow up as autonomous responsible adults who are able to manage their budget, agenda and fun invitations of all kinds, we have to let them play with it.


What children do most is : learning. Learning to make the difference between too much, plenty, enough, missing out on … is an important learning process.


Minimalism is a fashionable word. Poor minimalism is being used and misused to sell all kinds of theories.


About 20 years ago, when my kids where little, minimalism attacked only two child-related categories : candy and Barbies. The first for being too fat, the second not fat enough.

The result was always the same : whenever we had little friends coming to our house who had no access to the dolls or the sweets at home, these kids would end up sitting still – while the others were running in the garden – holding at least 5 Barbies or hands-full of sugar, to get the feel of « plenty ».Poor kids. I read awful statements limiting childrens’ tools to explore the world in many ways.


We can create a dedicated space and show the child how to tidy up together (depending on age). Declutter and offer to charity. This is a never ending story...


//Agenda Overload


Play is a kid's Job. It is not an activity of less importance. Play freely or just doing nothing develops creativity and imagination .


Most kids have extracurricular activities and many have an overload. This causes stress and fatigue. It can result in difficult behaviour or decreasing school results.


We can set up a time schedule corresponding to each child and programming time for play and doing nothing.


//Screens & Teens


This is a very personal issue. Many parents feel teenagers are spending too much time on the internet. Check if it is really a problem: does homework get done? are school results okay? are they going out and socializing? Being on their mobile is not always a synonym of wasting time. Learning a language, doing research for school, talking to friends...


Teens can learn to use devices in a productive way or replace them by activities that are more interesting to them. Limiting media use does not make them responsible. They have a voice and take part in the setting up of a new plan to spend time differently.


Is your need not listed here ? Just ask me. I can give you very clear information on what I can or can't do for you.