Photo Organizing

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Photo Organizing

You are the one who is deciding which pictures you want to keep or not. This is the part I cannot do for you.


But I can help with all the rest:


//Collect your pictures and bring them all together


//Discuss what your purpose is :

Do you want to classify the photos

- chronologically

- by theme

- splitting after you break up a relation


//Set up your workspace to select photos (this will take a while)

Provide equipment

Are you going to work with Apps?


//Classify and choose pictures

Discuss criteria

Set up a method

Make a back up of digital pics before deleting anything


//Advise on end product possibilities:

a photo book, a collage, digital copies for all family members

Writing comments and anecdotes


//Look into protection of precious originals


Important photos are not always beautiful, e.g. the first pic I took when I received my first camera (4 year old) shows my shoes on the kitchen floor... not exactly a work of art. But a very important picture indeed.


Is your need not listed here ? Just ask me. I can give you very clear information on what I can or can't do for you.