Senior Home Organizing

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Senior Home Organizing

As a Professional Organizer I can help you in the following ways when organizing a senior home:



By "Seniors" I do not mean 50+, but really high age people who need to adapt and simplify their living space so that they can manage it on their own. Aging-in-place, in your own home is a very pleasant possibility if you make the necessary changes to your retirement lifestyle.


Select goods, declutter, give to charity

Buy new more appropriate material (lightweight, easy handling...)

Make Souvenir Boxes for children and grandchildren

Change the lay out and put furniture into new places, more practical

Light, light, lots of light

Avoid slippery floors or steps (rearrange rooms downstairs, adapt bathroom ...)

Arrange things to make cleaning and dusting easier




Other seniors may opt for downsizing and swap their home for a tiny one, for many different reasons.

A lot of organizing and decluttering needs to be done to squeeze everything in a shoe box home.

Living in a small space is not always easier or cheaper. Moving is disorienting.

Making the present home "lighter" by tidying up and decluttering may be better.



is the keyword while « helping » our seniors settle in this new part of their live:

Seniors have their say when I help them with decluttering.

They are the ones to choose the precious memorabilia they want to stick with.

For a senior, the bigger part of life is … in the past. It’s precious.


//Refurbish into a friendly living space

And then we also have seniors whose world narrows down, with less energy and less interest in everyday life. They may be deconnected and confused. Spaces can be disorienting to them and deteriorate their wellbeing.


Create a stimulating environment

Use colour (their favourites if possible) and pattern to contrast and delimit spaces

Choose objects from the past bringing up emotional positive memories

Bring in seasonal elements. All days look the same if one has nothing on the agenda

Get user friendly furniture and bathroom equipment


Is your need not listed here ? Just ask me. I can give you very clear information on what I can or can't do for you.