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Home Organizing

Home organizing comes in many ways to many different types of clients :

a bachelor apartment needing a quick deco fresh-up to entertain,

a family home ready for a total make-over,

expats relocation,

seniors downsizing or minimizing maintenance,

toys and playcorners growing with kids,

a home office to be set up for a stay-at-home parent ...

or switching to a low impact on the planet, waste-free way of living?


I bring helping hands, advice or coaching to organize, reorganize, declutter, order, arrange and better things.

// Home Organizing Deco



Organizing Deco is fun because it focuses on aesthetics and beauty while it gets stuff organized and in order. Applies particulary to the "public" space in your private home like entrance hall, restroom, guest bedrooms, dining room.


  • The "10 essentials"
  • Bring order
  • Furniture layout
  • Personal stuff
  • Deco
  • Supplies


I help you create an environment that is cosy and inviting, where you will be happy to receive guests and that will feel comfortable to you.


Professional advice and/or hands-on help to create the living space up to your expectations.

// Storage - For Keeps


Organizing stuff to store away and keep it for later: photos, toys of your grown-up kids you want to keep for their kids, books you go back to every now and then for references.

As a PO, I assist you and offer hands-on help to select, carefully pack and store things away. And also to unpack and organize a new home .

If you don't have storage space in your home, I can recommend self-storage solutions providers .

// Indepth Home Organizing



In-depth organising and decluttering according to your present needs to help you find your comfortable space again.


  • Declutter a whole house
  • Organise the garage, the attic, the workshop
  • Relocation
  • Make an inviting space for the newborn
  • Prepare your grown-up kids' stuff for storage


or just

  • Freshen up your summer clothing closet
  • Order your collection or memorabilia
  • Set the kitchen up for real cooking
  • Sort out books from your bookcases
  • Prepare luggage for travel
  • etc.


My advice and hands-on help assist you to make your house your home again.

// Zero Waste Home


Reducing your impact on the planet is your newest dream? Going through all your belongings, give them away, reuse them differently, replace them by eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical products and ways of handling things in your home.