Wardrobe Second Life

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Wardrobe Second Life


As a Professional Organizer, I can help you reduce, tidy-up, rethink and reorganize your wardrobe in a way that makes your favorite garments more visible and accessible (and maybe less wrinkled and crushed).


You don't have to be a shopping addict to find yourself sooner or later with an overload of clothes no longer useful to you, depending on your desires, your job and activities, your age, size and so on


For a starter, we carefully put aside the precious ones that will always stay with us - recalling happy moments. Then we can sort all the rest, tidy things, declutter, decide what's for keeps and what has to go - and even do some shopping and complete a new wardrobe corresponding to who you are now. Then we go on organizing everything in a way that suits your lifestyle. If you love to take an hour every morning to try on clothes before deciding what to wear, your closet is organized in a different way from the wardrobe of a person who is always in a hurry and just puts on whatever comes first in sight while running out of the house.


Organizing your wardrobe also tackles accessories, shoes, bags and everything around it.



//Second Life

Would it be easier to say goodbye to some clothing items if you knew they get a second life and are not heading for the garbage bag?


I just found the ideal partner to take care of this in our region: Association TAF. The beauties of your wardrobe will be the star in their boutique TAFFETAS making new owners on a small budget happy.


The most tired pieces start a new career as "professional cleaning cloths", transformed and washed by Taffetas, they are for sale in 10kg bags for all professionals who need cleaning cloths on the job. You can also get a 1kg bag for private home use.


And then other pieces and garments will go to recycling or charities.