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Office Space Organizing

Apart from organizing and decluttering your desk and offices, there is a lot more I can do in administrative management, editing-writing-translating, recruitment and organizing your company's participation in trade shows and conferences.

Delegate some tasks. I can bring relief to your workload. Starting up your own business or running a small structure? Need for a right hand only few hours or a changing number of hours per month? Read more here about thel support I can bring:

// First Impression


Business promoting offices give a trust-building first impression and communicate your company's values, in a style that goes with your kind of activity.

I can help you shape up and create inviting

  • Entrance Hall
  • Coffee Corner
  • Meeting Rooms
  • General look of the workspace


// Indepth Office Organizing


Focus is on increasing performance and comfort.


My advice and/or hands-on assistance offer help for the offices, office supply closets, storage room, company cars, exhibition material ...


Office Space

  • Organize
  • Declutter
  • Freshen up
  • Break monotony
  • Delimitate several types of workspaces
  • Personalize desks